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Four Talkin’ Broncos Advance in Hult Prize


From left to right, members of Boise State’s winning Hult Prize team known as “Team Cultivate,” Luke Yeates, Brandon Sams, Janice Witherspoon and Steve Silva.

Team Cultivate, comprised our four Boise State University Talkin’ Broncos, advanced in the Hult Prize competition where they have a chance to win a $1 million prize, earmarked for seed capital.

The team recognized, and addressed a sustainable solution to three desperate problems existing within refugee camps: camp cleanliness, safety and access to food. Their solution was to introduce the P.O.T.T (portable one-time toilet). The P.O.T.T. promotes safety and privacy for individuals using the restroom, removes build-up of sewage that pollutes water, and can even help generate food.

For the full article by Brady W. Moore, click on the link to UPDATE.

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