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Student Honor Society

Student Honor Society

Welcome to the Omega Omega Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta at Boise State University!
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About Lambda Pi Eta
“Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Association’s official honor society at four-year colleges and universities. Lambda Pi Eta represents what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as three ingredients of persuasion: logos (Lambda), meaning logic; pathos (Pi), relating to emotion; and ethos (Eta), defined as character credibility and ethics. Lambda Pi Eta recognizes, fosters, and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement while stimulating interest in the communication discipline.” – National Communication Association

The Omega Omega Chapter began in Summer 2012 and has been growing at a rapid pace. We meet bimonthly in the Communication Building. All of our members have upper-division status and hold at least a 3.5GPA for all communication courses. Our Chapter members put on a biannual Speaker Showcase and are all active in the community. Most notably, we’ve raised money at Relay for Life and have volunteered for the Idaho Chapter National Hemophilia Foundation.

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