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University Television Production

University Television Production

What is UTP? smtc_control_room_7

University Television Productions is the media production unit of Boise State’s University Television. UTP is also a series of courses that provide students with hands-on experience in video production and serves the Boise State University campus and community by recording and broadcasting a wide-range of educational, cultural and sports programs.

smtc_headend_1Production Services:

UTP focuses on live edit, multi-camera productions. Post production editing and other media production services are also available. In addition to our archival services, UTP provides live streaming services for overflow events on campus and video conferencing for events off campus. Please be advised that at least a four week advance notice is required for scheduling productions. For more information call:

Nathan Snyder
Director of University Television


Lorena Davis
Associate Director of University Television

Program Information:smtc_studio_9

UTP programs are aired as part of Btv’s content on Cable One’s cable network and simulcast on Btv’s website:

Work Study Opportunities:smtc_control_room_4

UTP employs work-study students each semester to work on studio and remote broadcast production teams and to operate the Communication and Media Department Equipment Room. Work-study students interested in an application, please contact Lorena Davis at 208-426-3468.

Course Credit Opportunitiessmtc_control_room_1

UTP is also an elective Communication course: Comm 117 and Comm 317 Communication Activities. Students get hands-on experience in camera and audio operation in the studio and on remote shoots. This class provides instruction in multi-camera and single-camera field recording of Boise State Club Sports, seasonal musical concerts for the Music Department as well as lectures, discussions and theater performances. Students may enroll for 1-3 credits and may re-enroll for credit in subsequent semesters. For more information, please contact Lorena Davis at 208-426-3468.


Over the years, UTP has recorded and broadcast thousands of university events. Since 1986, UTP has taped many distinguished lecturers and other campus events including many non-revenue producing athletic events for broadcast and archival purposes. In this way, students and community members can watch taped programs they could not actually attend. UTP has produced programs for many community organizations, such as training videos, dual language presentations, public service announcements and commercials, some of which have aired on commercial television stations. Many UTP production students build their resume with the experience gained in the program.

smtc_studio_6In 2013, UTP moved into the high definition digital format and began providing live streaming on the internet as an option of broadcast. Soon after, UTP became fully responsible for providing content and programing Boise State’s cable channel and rebranded the channel Btv.   In 2015, UTP fully outfitted its larger television studio with a full 4K workflow.

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