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Matt Isbell Assitant Professor of Communication and John McClellan, Associate Professor of Communication were both included in the recent publication of the International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication (2017) published by Wiley Blackwell Publishers.

  1. Isbell, M. G., Sanders, M. L., & Koschmann, M. A. (2017) Nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations. In C. Scott, L. Lewis, J. Barker, J. Keyton, T. Kuhn & P. Turner (Eds.) The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication. Oxford, Wiley Blackwell Publishers.
  2. McClellan, J. G. (2017). Corporate colonization. In C. Scott, L. Lewis, J. Barker, J. Keyton, T. Kuhn & P. Turner (Eds.) The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication. Oxford, Wiley Blackwell Publishers.

Several faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the Department of Communication recently presented or had their work accepted to three academic conferences:

  1. John McClellan, Associate Professor of Communication co-facilitated a disciplinary workshop with Matthew Sanders of Utah State University at Western States Communication Association annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah entitled: “‘What Can I Do with a Communication major?’ Helping Students Centralize, Celebrate, and Communicate the Strengths of Our Field.” McClellan also served as Chair of the Organizational Communication Interest Group for the 2017 conference.
  2. Kayla Griffin, M.A. Student in Communication and erin mcclellan, Associate Professor of Communication co-authored and co-presented a paper at Western States Communication Association annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in the Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group entitled: “Walleyball and the Socio-Material Rhetoric of Borderlands: Embodied Experience and the Affective Turn.”
  3. Brianna Pitcock, Communication B.A. student, was selected to participate in the Undergraduate Scholars Research Conference at Western States Communication Association annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah where she successfully submitted her paper entitled: “‘You Don’t Know Me’: Discourse and the Identity of Chefs and Cooks.”
  4. Melissa LeMar, Communication B.A. student, presented her paper at the Northwest Communication Association annual meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the Interpersonal and Communication Theory division entitled: “Examining Young Women’s Views on Feminism.”
  5. Shanna Hagenah, M.A. Student in Communication, recently had her paper entitled “Freedom to Learn: How Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom Can Disrupt White Hegemonic Discourses That Oppress Women of Color” accepted to the National Women’s Studies Association conference to be held in November 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Congratulations to all for their ongoing contributions to the field of Communication!

Kelly Rossetto, Assistant Professor of Communication, recently published two articles related to relational communication and aspects of support.

  1.  Kelly R. Rossetto, Jimmie Manning & Erik W. Green (2017). Perceptions of Paternal Support After Transitioning to College: Interpretations Based on the Generative Fathering Framework, Western Journal of Communication, pp. 1-21. DOI: 10.1080/10570314.2017.1283047.
  2. Kelly R. Rossetto and Andrew C. Tollison (2017). Feminist Agency, Sexual Scripts, and Sexual Violence: Developing a Model for Postgendered Family Communication, Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies, pp. 1-13. DOI:10.1111/fare.12232.

Additionally, a 2015 article on coping with loss was additionally cited in an article about social media and death in The Atlantic; Kelly R. Rossetto, Pamela J. Lannutti, and Elena C. Strauman (2015). Death on Facebook: Examining the Roles of Social Media Communication for hte Bereaved, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32(7), pp. 974-994.

Tasha Souza, Professor of Communication and CTL Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, recently published two journal articles:

  1. Souza, T. J. (2017). How to Respond to Hostile, Inappropriate Comments in Class. Online article in Faculty Focus Premium. Madison, WI: Magna Publication.
  2.  Vizenor, N., Souza, T.J., & Ertmer, J.J. (2017). Benefits of participating in service-learning, business-related classes: Assessing the impact on the community partners. The Journal of Research in Business Education, 58(1), 1-15.

Professor Souza’s work on various issues of inclusive excellence in the classroom continues to be on the forefront of both research and pedagogy practices in the discipline and beyond.

Matt Isbell Assistant Professor of Communication recently published a book with co-author Renee Heath titled Interorganizational Collaboration: Complexity, Ethics, and Communication.

The book was published by Waveland Press <> and serves to introduce collaborating across organizations within the realm of wicked problems. With an emphasis on communicating in the context of our differences, it could be used in advanced organizational communication, nonprofit, group, leadership, ethics or civic engagement courses. Grounded in the assumptions that “solutions” to wicked problems lie in just, participative processes that take into account marginalized voices and peppered with vignettes, the aim of the book is to be readable at many levels.

The text coalesces decades of collaboration and relevant communication theory and introduces the language of collaborative praxis and communication oriented toward dialogue, interests, conflict, consensus, and solutions. The final section of the text presents six short bona fide case studies contributed by collaboration practitioners and offers an opportunity to consider organizing collaboration as a unique pedagogy.

Table of Contents:

Part I: The Complexity of Collaboration

1 Introducing Complexity: Global Problems Interconnect Us; Organizational Shifts Demand Collaboration; The Workforce is Changing; Changing Organizational Curricula with the Times
2 Interorganizational Collaboration: Cooperation, Coordination, and Collaboration; Building a Collaborative Scaffold; Collaboration as Structure, Process, and Ideal; Measuring Success
3. Stakeholders: The Ethical Turn to "Who"?: Stakeholders in Interorganizational Collaboration; influence; paradoxes; Identity and Stakeholders, Interdependence and Need
Part II: A Collaborative Ethic
4. Ethical Contexts: Collaboration as an ethical response to Social Corporate Responsibility; The Macro and Micro Contexts of Ethics; the public sphere and communication and decision making; Pragmatic reasons to Practice Ethical Communication; Tensions
5. Diversity: The Central Role of in Collaboration; Rethinking as Dependent on the Communication Situation; Requisite Diversity; Benefits of Diversity; Challenges of Diversity (access, representation, prejudice, convict)
6. (Shared) Power: Hierarchy and Power Structures; Power as Relational; Power Types: Power and Democracy; liberal democracy and native communication, hegemony and collaboration; Sharing Power; egalitarian spirit, parity rather than equality; Discursive Barriers
7. Principled Leadership: Leadership and Collaborative Culture; Participative Leadership and Collaboration; transitional, natural, facilitative, and moral leadership; Convener; Facilitator, agendas; Process Observer, ground rules; Recorder; minutes.
Part III: Language of Collaborative Praxis

8. Communication Oriented toward Dialogue: Dialogue from Debate; "I Get It"; dialogic moments, I and Thou; dialogue as destruction and invention; Dialogue as Collaborative Praxis: preparation, reflexivity; listening, storytelling
9. Communication Oriented toward Interest: Positions vs. Interests; basic needs, from individual interests to shared values; Shared Representations as Collaborative Praxis; fostering collective identity; ambiguity in communication; Principled Negotiation in Collaboration
10: Communication Oriented toward Conflict: Conflict in Collaboration; Native Communication Expounded; Gracious Contestation as Collaborative Praxis; VOICE, prolonged conflict
11. Communication Oriented toward Consensus: Consensus and Collaboration, lay and theoretical understandings; Consensus decision rules; dissenters; transparency
12: Communication Oriented toward Solutions: The Problem with Shortcutting to Solutions; Appreciative Inquiry; brainstorming
Part IV: Wicked Problems Revisited: Applied Collaboration 
13. Educational and Economic Partnership: Community Reach (Cooper)
14. Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim Initiative (Craig & Lewis)
15. Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice: Why are So Many Black Children in Foster Care or Locked Up? (Lebold)
16. Environmental Community Development in West Virginia: Country Roads Bring Us Together (Staton)
17. Substance Abuse Task Force: Navigating Collaborative Constraints (Kramer et al.)
18. Collaboration among Bike/Walk Advocates: Facilitating Process or Empowering Action? (Britt & Smithberger). 

Marty Most recently published a chapter in the anthology The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, 2015-2016; a collection of 15 essays selected from the more than 120 presentations at the two most recent Cooperstown Symposiums on Baseball and American Culture. Click on link to UPDATE to read full article by Sherry Squires.

Dr. Julie Lane published “Fulfilling His Duty; Senator Frank Church’s Use of Media to Oppose the Vietnam War.” Click on the link to The Blue Review to read the full article.

Dr. Kelly Rossetto was elected as the Vice Chair Elect for the Family Communication division of the National Communication Association. She will serve for 4 years, with the third year being her appointment as the Chair of the division.

Dr. Hyunmee Kang published an article in Global Media Journal (ISSN 1550-7521), Vol. 14 No. 26: 30 entitled “Culture Does Matter for Female Elders’ Responses to Age Segmentation Cue (ASC) of Ads.

erin mcclellan had a chapter entitled “In the Spirit of Morality” published in the most recent edition of The Pennsylvania Scholars Series celebrating the life and work of Gerard A. Hauser. The book series is edited by Ronald C. Arnett (University of Pennsylvania) and is published by University of Pennsylvania Press.

Tasha Souza is the Associate Director for Center for Teaching and Learning, and Professor of Communication at Boise State University. Dr. Souza presented “Beyond the IEP: Engaging Students through Service-Learning,” at the Palouse Language and Culture Symposium hosted at the University of Idaho on April 16. She and her co-presenter, Jenica Draney from the College of Western Idaho (CWI), shared their cross-institutional, semester-long service-learning project, which partners CWI students in English 104: ESL Reading and Writing with Boise State students in COMM 351: Intercultural Communication as Intercultural Dialogue Partners (IDPs). Click on the link in this sentence to read the full article by Sherry Squires.

Ed McLuskie, Graduate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication, appeared in an “Idaho Reports” interview for Idaho Public Television. During the program, titled “A Journalistic Introspection,” McLuskie discussed journalism’s role in political discourse and democracy. Watch the interview here.

Dr. Manda Hicks received a Top Four Paper Award in the Communication Theory & Research Interest Group CTR after presenting a paper entitled “Negotiating Gendered Expectations: The Basic Social Processes of Women in the Military.”

James Patrick Kelly, a Communication Adjunct instructor who teaches news writing, reporting and feature magazine writing courses, published a new 447-page travel guidebook entitled “Moon Idaho.”

The guide explores the extraordinarily beautiful Gem State – from the high desert basalt canyons of southern Idaho to picturesque lakes spotted throughout the panhandle.


Dr. Julie Lane published an article in the Winter 2016 edition of American Journalism entitled “Positioning for Battle: The Ideological Struggle over Senator Joseph McCarthy and the American Establishment.” For more information, please see full article by Cienna Madrid.

Dr. Manda Hicks co-authored a book chapter, as part of the Routledge Research in Health Communication series, entitled, “Sexual and Relational Health Messages for Women Who Have Sex with Women,” which was published in “Communicating Women’s Health: Social and Cultural Norms that Influence Health Decisions.”

Four of our Communication professors presented at the 2016 Western States Communication Association (WSCA) convention:

Congratulations to Dr. Heidi Reeder, who received a 2016 Golden Apple award. This teaching award, representing the College of Innovation and Design, is also celebrated here in the Department of Communication and at the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ed McLuskie, Graduate Professor Emeritus at the Department of Communication and Guest Professor at the University of Augsburg, Germany, wrote the lead article in Javnost—The Public, journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture: Grounding Communication Studies in Enlightenment Criticality: Scaling Up Theoretical and Dialectical Ambition.” For more details, see full article by Kathleen Tuck.

Lorena Davis,adjunct Communication instructor, was featured in the Adjunct Faculty Newsletter from the Center for Teaching and Learning! For the complete article, click on the CTL November 2015 edition link.

Facilitators erin mclellan and Tasha Souza provided participants an opportunity to enhance student learning by offering a workshop entitled “Creating Inclusive Courses: Practical Approaches to Advance Learning for All Students,” at The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more information, see full article by Thomas Atkins.

Seth Ashley, Associate Professor, Co-founder and co-director of the Idaho Media Initiative, presented his work and lead discussions on news and media literacy at the Idaho Press Club Fall Conference, at BoDo, on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015. For more details, see full article by Kathleen Tuck.

Ed McLuskie, Graduate Professor Emeritus at the Department of Communication and Guest Professor at the University of Augsburg, Germany, is recognized for his article in Javnost-The Public, 22(3), pp. 213-225 (doi: 10.1080/13183222.2015.1072379); available online and in hard copy. Please see the full article on the Campus News UPDATE by Kathleen Tuck.

Dr. Manda Hicks has been selected by the The National Council of Pi Kappa Delta to receive the E.R. Nichols Award, recognizing her “outstanding contributions to the furtherance of the forensics discipline. It is also recognized as the Pi Kappa Delta Outstanding Teaching Award.

Daehwan Cho’s video Fur Elise (2014) continues to accrue accolades. It was published again in “Moving Still: The Multiple eXposure Project Zine 2.0” (on page 67). It has also been nominated for the Grand Prix Award in International Competition category at “The 10th International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media-Art LINOLEUM” Fall 2015, Kiev, Ukraine.

Seth Ashley will attend the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference in San Francisco later this week, where he will present two original peer-reviewed research papers: “News Media Literacy and Political Engagement: What’s the Connection?” and “The Usefulness of a News Media Literacy Measure in Evaluating a News Literacy Curriculum.” He will also sit on a panel discussion: Mapping the field of media, news, information and civic literacy.

Ed McLuskie, guest professor at the University of Augsburg (Germany), has been selected for inclusion in the 70th anniversary, 2016 edition of “Who’s Who in America.” This is McLuskie’s 10th year of having been selected. The reference work is available in university and public libraries.

erin mcclellan, communication faculty, recently participated in two academic conferences. She participated in a competitively-selected week-long seminar at the bi-annual Rhetoric Society of America Institute on “Working the Field: Rhetorical Studies and Ethnographic Methods” in Madison, Wisconsin, from June 1-6. She developed her own research project in addition to discussing new directions and challenges for this type of scholarship within the field of rhetorical studies and across various related disciplines. She was additionally accepted to a workshop held the adjacent weekend titled “Grant and Development Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Rhetorical Studies.” She also attended the Conference on Communication and the Environment (COCE) held in Boulder, Colorado, from June 11-14. She attended various parts of the conference program in addition to presenting her paper titled “On Behalf of a Rhetorical Relational Approach to ‘Wicked Problems’” as part of a group of scholars attempting to discuss the best ways to address wicked problems from a communicative perspective. The title of her panel was “Creating Actionable Solutions to Wicked Problems through Collaborative Environmental Communication Research.” It included scholars from University of Maine, University of Rhode Island and Franklin University-Switzerland.

Seth Ashley, Assistant Professor, is co-founder and co-director of the Idaho Media Initiative, which recently announced the winners of the initiative’s inaugural Public Affairs Reporting Awards. Award winners receive a $2,000 award to assist with the reporting and production of journalism projects to examine under-reported public affairs issues in the state of Idaho. The IMI was created at Boise State by Seth Ashley and Carissa Wolf in order to help satisfy the information needs of a democratic society. The IMI strives to address media funding and resource shortfalls through innovative collaborations, educational opportunities and reporting projects that engage and inform our communities.

Megan Fromm wrote an article for titled “Finding a Place for Student Media in Journalism Education Reform.” In it, she argues that allowing students to create journalism is not at odds with attempts to reform journalism education by pairing students with professionals at outlets such as the Washington Post. Read it here.

BSU Campus News recognizes guest professor at the University of Augsburg, Germany, and Boise State University Department of Communication Professor emeritus Ed McLuskie for his efforts in developing and conducting international webinars on April 22 and 29 with both universities. Please see the full article on the Campus News UPDATE by Kathleen Tuck.

Congratulations to Dr. Heidi Reeder, who has been named Director of the Leadership and Human Relations program in the College of Innovation and Design. LEAD is one of two signature programs being rolled out by COID in Fall 2015.

John McClellan, Associate Professor of Communication, served as co-editor with Matthew Sanders (Utah State University) on a special issue forum on organizational communication pedagogy published in the recent issue of Management Communication Quarterly (Volume 29, Issue 2). McClellan and Sanders co-authored the lead article, “Promoting the Field through Organizational Communication Pedagogy,” and McClellan contributed another manuscript, co-authored with Majia Nadesan (Arizona State University), titled “Extending Critical Pedagogies: Attending to Economic Communication and Inspiring Critical Engagement.” McClellan and Sanders were invited by the Editor of Management Communication Quarterly to serve as guest editors for this special issue forum based on their 2013 publication, “(Re)organizing Organizational Communication Pedagogy: Attending to the Salient Qualities of a Communicative Approach to Organization,” in the Review of Communication.

The Department of Communication congratulates faculty members erin mcclellan and John McClellan, along with 2014 master of arts alumna Amanda Soza and graduate student Norell Conroy, who recently presented competitively selected papers at the Western States Communication Association (WSCA) Conference in Spokane, Washington. For more information, read the entire article by Kathleen Tuck.

Boise State Explore Magazine recognizes Dr. Heidi Reeder, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication for the success of her recently published book “Commit to Win: How to Harness the Four Elements of Commitment to Reach Your Goals.” In her book Dr. Reeder explores relationship elements between women and men and the reasons people commit to one another. Read the entire article by Anna Webb on the ISSUU website, page 34.

Boise State Campus News recognizes Assistant Professor Dr. erin mcclellan, and her recent publication in Cities, Sagebrush, and Solitude: Confronting the Policy Challenges of the Great Basin; edited by Dennis R. Judd and Stephanie Witt, (U. of Nevada Press, 2015); Dr. mcclellan’s chapter title: “Reading Boise: Negotiating ‘Quality of Life’ in the Great Basin.”

Congratulations to Dr. Manda Hicks and the Boise State University Talkin’ Broncos who are the 2015-2016 Pi Kappa Delta national champions in speech and debate. Dr. Hicks is quoted in a Wall Street Journal Article, suggesting “…people would be surprised at the amount of practice and actual muscle memory that goes into speech and debate…” Additionally, a student from Valdosta State University, compliments our champs from “powerhouse Boise State University” in a VSU news release. Recognition and congratulations all around to our Talkin’ Broncos!

Congratulations to Communication Professor Marty Most for receiving the 2015 Golden Apple Award representing SSPA on Monday evening, March 9th. Having earned his University Foundation Scholar award for teaching in 2014, and being named as Honors College Professor of the Year in 2012, Marty has achieved a trifecta of Boise State teaching awards.

Professor Daehwan Cho ‘s interview article of Stigmart VideoFocus Special Edition has been officially published. To read the entire interview (pages 108 – 117) click on the Stigmart VideoFocus link. In addition, his Für Elise has made the official selection for the 16th BARE BONES International Film & Music Festival, held in Oklahoma. For more information follow the link to a BARE BONES PDF, and go to “F” for Für Elise. Congratulation Professor Cho!

Communication Professor Michael Margulies directed “Evolution of a Mural,” which was named Best Art Short at the 2014 Eugene International Film Festival. In addition, Dr. Rick Moore and Professors Nathan Snyder and Dan Allers are mentioned in the credits.

Congratulations to Dr. Manda Hicks and the Boise State Talkin’ Broncos who took first place at the Webster University, 17th annual Gorlock Gala Forensics Tournament in St. Louis. Our champions hold the 2011-2014 undefeated title for speech and debate and continue on to the Pi Kappa Delta National Championship in March at Ohio University.

Professor, Daehwan Cho has done it again. His video Emily’s Pizza has been selected as one of three finalists in the narrative category of the inaugural Idaho Media Awards. The award ceremony will be held on February 28 at the Red Lion Hotel Boise Downtowner, and for more event information click on the link in this sentence. Download the video here.

In a January Idaho Statesman article featuring Tim Woodward’s contributions to the Treasure Valley, our Idaho History of Broadcasting Foundation President and Boise State University Adjunct Instructor, Art Gregory was quoted on the nostalgic, and romantic importance of radio and music.

Professor Daewhan Cho‘s video “Fur Elise” made a third official selection, this time for the New Filmmakers New York Winter series 2015 at Anthology Film Archives!

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Dr. erin mcclellan, who recently joined the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Faculty Associate for Inclusive Excellence!

Assistant Professor Dr. Julie Lane, made campus news after presenting her paper at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting Jan. 2-5 in New York City. To read more about the idea of a liberal media bias between 1955 and 1964 in the National Review magazine, click on the link in this sentence.

Our own Boise author, media historian, and Adjunct Instructor, Art Gregory, will be hosting a 50 minute talk on the “History of Broadcasting in Idaho,” from Noon to 1:00 p.m., at the Washington Group Plaza campus in the Central Auditorium. This event will be a lecture for the January 13, 2015, Friends of the Historical Museum – Brown Bag Lecture Series, featuring the early history of radio and television broadcasting. For more information, contact Lynnette Chandler at or (208)-850-9420.

Assistant Professor and Arbiter faculty adviser, Dr. Seth Ashley, was featured in BSU Campus news for his contribution in a Boise Weekly article about media’s role in covering the Sony web hack story. Additionally, in his interview on NPR, Dr. Ashley addresses how “the site’s direct link to one corporation is a sign of the times.”

Kudos to Art Gregory, Adjunct Instructor, for having been awarded the Idaho Advertising Federation Silver Medal in 2014!

Congratulations to Dr. Heidi Reeder, Associate Professor, for being recognized as one of the Idaho Business Reviews 50 Women of the Year! Click on the Idaho Business Review link in this sentence to read the full article.

Professor Daehwan Cho’s video work “Light Play fur Elise” was officially selected by Schwa Show, a national juried art exhibition hosted by The Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge, in Greenville, NC. Additionally, his project was selected for the Biennial Edition of VIDEOFOCUS, Stigmart10 Videobiennale, Europe, and will be featured in a seven-page interview for the magazine.

Advanced Cinematography Instructor, Michael Margulies, completed his documentary Evolution of a Mural in October 2013. More recently, Eagle Magazine published his experience in an article entitled Evolution of a filmmaker: Michael Margulies, ASC; Local filmmaker shows how art is born.

The national champion Boise State speech and debate team continued its undefeated 2014-2015 season with a huge win at the 84th annual Mahaffey Memorial Tournament in McMinville, Oregon, Nov. 14-16. The Talkin’ Broncos took top awards in debate and had six of the tournament’s top 10 individual event competitors.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Manda Hicks presented two competitively selected papers at conferences: the first was entitled “The Relationship between Qualitative Inquiry and Interpretive Events” at the National Communication Association (NCA) meeting in Chicago, IL and the second was entitled “Marginalized Bodies and Enhanced Access to Citizenship: War Does Strange Things” at the National Women’s Studies Association national conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Associate Professor, John McClellan presented a competitively selected paper at the National Communication Association (NCA) conference in Chicago entitled “Re-envisioning Organizational Communication Pedagogy.”

Recent graduates from the M.A. program in Communication, Jared Kopczynski and Amanda Sosa, presented a competitively selected paper at the National Communication Association (NCA) conference in Chicago entitled “Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Embracing Critical Perspectives to Extend Organizational Communication Research.” Jared is now a Ph.D. student in Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Amanda is now Director of Communication and Development at Foothills School of Arts & Sciences in Boise.

University TV Presents, created by University Television Productions (UTP), a media production unit of the Department of Communication and under the guidance of Director Nathan Snyder, has recently produced two new episodes about issues of interest to the Boise State University community. The first episode focuses on campus safety and features Rob Littrell, interim executive director of Campus Security and Police Services, and Greg Hahn, associate vice president of Communications and Marketing, talk about guns on campus, prowlers and other safety concerns. The second episode features an interview with Marcia Franklin, a local journalist who has been a producer and host at Idaho Public Television since 1990. Both episodes were produced by Farzan Faramarzi.

Under the guidance of co-Advisors Associate Professors Marty Most and Laurel Traynowicz, the Department of Communication Undergraduate Honors Society Lambda Pi Eta received the Rookie Chapter of the Year Award from the National Communication Association (NCA). An Awards Ceremony recognized this achievement at the recent conference meeting in Chicago on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

Assistant Professor erin mcclellan contributed a chapter entitled “An ‘Official’ Account: Delivering Occupy Portland’s Eviction Notice” to the book Understanding Occupy from Wall Street to Portland (New York: Rowman & Littlefield Press, 2013, Eds. Renee Guarriello Heath, Courtney Vail Fletcher, & Ricardo Munoz). The book was selected as the 2014 Outstanding Edited Book of the Year by the International and Intercultural Communication Division of the National Communication Association (NCA) and received the award at NCA’s annual conference in Chicago on Friday, November 21, 2014.

Assistant Professor Megan Fromm was co-author on an article on about the purpose of high school journalism classes. While some critics insist the courses are meant to prepare future journalists, Fromm and her co-author Adam Maksi said the courses teach higher level thinking skills, prepare students to handle stress and give them opportunities to work in teams, meet deadlines, solve problems and more. Read the story here.

Assistant Professor Megan Fromm co-authored a chapter in the academic volume, Media and Education in the Digital Age. Titled “Scaffolding Curation: Developing Digital Competencies in Media Literacy Education.” Fromm and co-author Paul Mihailidis examine how educators can use the pedagogical tool of scaffolding to help students learn and practice media curation.

Assistant Professors erin mcclellan (Department of Communication) and Amanda Johnson Ashley (Department of Community & Regional Planning) co-authored an article based on the approach they took in co-teaching an upper-division interdisciplinary course offering on public place and space that was taught in 2012. The article is titled “Deep Interdisciplinarity as Pedagogy: Teaching at the Intersections of Urban Communication and Public Place and Space,” in The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy (2014), Vol. 5 , No. 2. The article can be accessed here:

Professor Ed McLuskie has authored an article titled “Guest Introduction to the Fortieth Anniversary Issue: Manifestos, Web Pages, and Continuities in Criticality,” in the Journal of Communication Inquiry, (2014) Vol. 38, No. 2. McLuskie help found the journal, now a Sage publication, while a Ph.D. student.

Associate Professor Laurel Traynowicz has co-authored an article entitled “I Am What I Am? The Baller Identity Measurement Scale (BIMS) with a Division I Football Team in American Higher Education” in Sport Sciences for Health, (2014) Vol. 10, No. 1.