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Graduate Program

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The Master of Arts in Communication is a two-year graduate program in communication. The program offers graduate students advanced study of communication to understand, critique, and actively engage contemporary interpersonal, organizational, cultural, social, and media-related issues. The program offers a vibrant intellectual community and supportive graduate culture. While earning a Master’s degree in Communication, students choose courses across three interrelated and mutually-supportive areas of study:
     Relational and Organizational Studies
     Critical/Cultural Studies
     Media Studies
Graduate coursework provides a foundation in the broad field of communication and choices of culminating activities allow students to focus their studies and acquire expertise in communication that supports their unique academic, personal, or professional interests. The program encourages students to explore topics in communication aligned with their own interests. The variety of elective courses offered including independent studies, reading and conferences, internship/practicum experiences, as well as the option to take a few courses outside the department provide opportunities to craft a meaningful academic experience that supports students’ unique interests and goals.

If you have any questions about the graduate program, the application process, or if you wish to learn more about how an M.A. in Communication might align with your interests, please contact our Director of Graduate Studies to answer any questions or find a time to meet and discuss our graduate program.
Dr. John McClellan
(208) 426-2450
Communication Building, Room 103