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List of Theses, Projects, and Comps

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The following is a list of graduates of the M.A. in Communication program, their chosen culminating activity, title of the student's work, date of graduation, and advisor name. Bound theses are available for review at the BSU Albertsons Library or via Scholar Works.

AuthorCulminating ActivityTitleDateAdvisor
Lonnie JacksonThesis"Discourse and Identity: An Autoenthnographic Resistance Beyond a Fixed Athlete Subject Position"August 2017erin mcclellan, Ph.D.
Kayla GriffinThesis"Embodied Rhetoric and the Blue Campaign: On Human Trafficking Awareness"August 2017erin mcclellan, Ph.D.
Jefferey GreeneComprehensive ExaminationCommunication and the Challenges of Multi-Racial IdentityMay 2017John McClellan, Ph.D.
Jesse OliverComprehensive ExaminationDialogue Theory and Social MediaMay 2017John McClellan, Ph.D.
Mark GalavizProject"Trauma and Transformation: An Autoethnographic Narrative"May 2017Rulon Wood, PH.D.
Stela SaltagaThesis"Students' Experiences of Othering: Recommendations for Inclusive Classroom Climates"May 2017John McClellan, Ph.D.
Tiffani IssacsonThesis"Romantically Themes Media and the Development of Children's Understanding of Love"August 2016John McClellan, Ph.D.
Howie LongThesis"eLearning: Exploring Correlations among Nonacademic Social Support, Identity, and Student Success"August 2016John McClellan, Ph.D.
Wilcox, Carissa K.ThesisDiscourse Analysis of Nonprofit Organizational Communication Scholarship: A Revised Call for Scholars May 2016John McClellan, Ph.D.
Strong, Rachel Thesis"What Constitutes Marriage": A Qualitative Study of Same-Sex Couples' Experience with Marriage May 2016erin mcclellan, Ph.D.
New, Anna ThesisWomen in STEM: (Re)Negotiating Discourses and IdentityMay 2016John McClellan, Ph.D.
Hart, Eva Marie ThesisCohabitation: If You Like It You Should Plan to Put a Ring on ItMay 2016 Heidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Banner, Marshiela M.ThesisThe Radical Act of Mommy Blogging: Challenging Dominant Narratives of Motherhood Through Literal and Figurative Rhetoric May 2016Heidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Poteet, KinziThesis“It Was All A Dream”: A Close Textual Analysis of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” as an Alternate American Dream Narrative2015 Mayerin mcclellan, Ph.D.
Jacobs, Shannon K.ThesisApproaching Communication with Marx: On the Symbolic Reproduction of Social Relations2015 MayJulie Lane Ph.D.
Schlaich, JoshThesis Meet Me Monday: Case Study on a Community Health Program Through the Lens of the Elaboration Likelihood Model2015 DecemberJulie Lane, Ph.D.
Ogawa, MarcusThesisMen and the Socially Created Stigma of Anorexia2015 DecemberJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
McCarter, MatthewThesisA Structurational Approach to Organizational Change: Exploring Idaho’s Students Come First Initiative2015 AugustJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
Conroy, NorellThesis Pussy Riot and a Theory of Emancipatory Social Movement Rhetoric2015 Augusterin mcclellan, Ph.D.
Boatman, MeganThesisI Bake, He Grills: Relationships in the Kitchen2014 MayHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Kunz, TeresaThesisMother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Relationship Satisfaction: Revealing the Importance of Communication and Dialogue2014 MayJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
Kampic, SasaThesis Dialectic of Enlightenment: Fragments from the Past for Contemporary Communication Studies2014 MayEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Lang, Jamie K.ThesisNarrating Gender: A Feminist Approach to the Narratives of the Transgender Experience2014 MayNatalie Nelson-Marsh, Ph.D.
Soza, AmandaThesisGirls will be Girls: Discourse, Poststructuralist Feminism, and Media Presentations of Women2014 MayJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
Kopczynski, JaredThesisOrganizing livelihoods: an examination of political discourses organizing a public park2014 MarchJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
Wolfe, JamesThesis Self-Actualization on Steroids: An Exploration of Social Skills, Dating, and Lifestyle Training for Heterosexual Men in a Western Context2014 AugustHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Duan, XiaojinThesisThe Democratic Promise of Microblogging: An Analysis of Microblog Posts and Newspaper Reports about the July 23 Wenzhou Train Crash in China2013 MayJulie Lane, Ph.D.
Herring, Krista A.ThesisIdentity, Identification, and Change: An Examination of Nuns’ Lived Experiences Post Vatican II2013 MayMary Frances Casper, Ph.D.
Simenc, TabithaThesisAnchoring the News with Comedy: Considering the Role of Critique in News through an Analysis of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”2013 DecemberSeth Ashley, Ph.D.
Glynn, KashaThesisAlways a Bridesmaid Never a Bride: Examining the Deinstitutionalization of Marriage and the Modern Day Spinster2013 DecemberLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Cleary, StephanieThesisIndividuals’ Privacy Conceptions and Perceptions: A Translation from Privacy in General to Privacy with Gmail and Google2013 AugustJulie Lane, Ph.D.
Poston, JamesThesisPolitical Advertising in the 2012 Presidential Election: How Visual and Aural Techniques are Used to Convey Meaning2013 AugustRick Moore, Ph.D.
Browning, David AndrewThesisStudent-Athletes’ Perceptions Toward Identity and Life After Sport2012 DecemberLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Douglas, MarlonThesisThe Power of Stories: A Communicative Investigation of Dancehall Narratives and Caribbean Culture2012 Decembererin mcclellan, Ph.D.
Rijkenberg, WijnandThesisAn Investigation of Corporate Identification and Disidentification2012 DecemberNatalie Nelson-Marsh, Ph.D.
Mishra, AshutoshThesisOrientalism and Media Representations of Iran in the USA2012 AugustRenu Dube, Ph.D.
Vander Boegh, LaceyThesisLet’s Make a Connection: Understanding How Physically Interactive Technology is Taking the Virtual to the Physical2012 AugustJohn McClellan, Ph.D.
Duchow-Moore, AshleyThesisExploring Dialectics in Grandparent Grief: Communication With Family and Friends Following the Death of a Grandchild2011 MayLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Carlson, HeatherThesisThe Metroburb: American Values in Facebook Culture2011 DecemberMary Frances Casper, PhD.
Hong, MalcolmThesisUser Motivations for Using Business Facebook Pages2011 AugustMary Frances Casper, PhD.
Scott, Helping Educate Students and Postsecondary Instructors about Learning Disabilities2010 MayPeter Wollheim, Ph.D.
Gatfield, James R.ThesisStepping Away From the Ring: An Autoethnographic Study of Hero Worship Created Through Media Consumption2010 MayLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Lang, DonnaThesisStepfamily stories: How stories about rituals communicate a sense of family2010 MayLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Lundy, JonathonThesisStill Flying: The Communicative Constitution of Browncoat Fandom as Culture2010 DecemberNatalie Nelson-Marsh, Ph.D.
Verhulp, DanielleThesisSpeaking Engagement: The Correlation Between Communication Apprehension and Student Involvement in the University Environment2009 MayPeter Wollheim, Ph.D.
Rysavy, Wayne E.ThesisVirtually There: Social Structure Over Time and Space2009 JuneNatalie Nelson-Marsh, Ph.D.
Bohannon, Katie L.ThesisWomen in White Coats: Female Physician Role Enactment in Medical Clinic Interactions2009 JuneHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Jones, Stephanie M.ThesisConstructing Marriage: A Thematic Analysis of Self-Help Books on Marriage2009 DecemberLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Woffinden, RitchThesisAn Organizational Communication Perspective on the University: Understanding How Individuals Constitute Organizations2009 AugustNatalie Nelson-Marsh, Ph.D.
Dewey, MatthewThesisThe Socio-Political Formation of Contemporary Expressive Value: Implications of Value in Democratic Media Reform2008 MayEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Brandt, JaclynThesisCaptivating Distractions: Marketing Music in Consolidated Markets2008 DecemberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Naillon, CatherineThesisThe Deviant Spectacle: Lessons for the Field of Communication from Literature on Sadomasochism2008 AprilEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Bennett, MichelleThesisCyber-Muckraking: A Critical Examination of the Rhetoric of Geoffrey Davidian’s Online Publication The Putnam Pit Using the Pentadic Analysis of Burkean Dramatism2007 OctoberLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Ellis, TimThesisLeadership in the Fourth Dimension: A Comparative Analysis and Integrative Reformulation of Chaos and Complexity Research in Leadership Communication Studies2007 NovemberRick Moore, Ph.D.
Moore, Christine LukasThesisSex and the City: Cosmopolitans, Sexuality and Singledom – Is this Feminism?2007 MayHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Dawson, MaryThesisTransformational Leadership: “What’s Gender Got To Do With It”?2007 JulyHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Barsotti, KiraThesisFeminism(s) for the Privileged Few: (Re)Introducing Class into Feminist Theory2007 AprilEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Wolf, CarissaThesis Alienated Newsworkers and the Audience Commodity: Toward a Marxist Theory of Audience Commodification and Alienated Journalism Practice2007 AprilEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Travis, BriannaThesisSystematically Distorted Communication as Opposition to Freedom: The Case of Theocracy In America2006 OctoberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
De Jana, KathrynThesisThe Dominant Paradigm: Its Persistence, Consequences, and Participatory Alternatives in Development Communication Studies2006 MayEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Hicks, Manda V.ThesisSites of Nurse Production: A Post-Structuralist Examination2006 AprilPeter Wollheim, Ph.D.
Sands, Tamara M.ThesisMen as Allies: An Inclusive Vision for a Feminist Future2005 NovemberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Musanovic, EminaThesisCommunicating Authenticity Through Ersatz Cultures: The Fabrication of Identity as Nationalist Populism in Post-Communist Yugoslavia2005 MayEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Vander Boegh, Matt C.ThesisThe Erinys2005 MarchRobert Rudd, Ph.D.
Walker, Joseph G.ThesisProselytizing in Japan: A Case Study of Cross-Cultural Barriers in Religious Conversion-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in East Asia 1945-20022005 MarchRenu Dube, Ph.D.
Woodfin, FabianaThesisLost in Translation: Recovering the Critical in Gramsci’s Philosophy of Praxis2005 JulyEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Matlock, Dean L.ThesisHate Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Strategy of Typology, Transfer, and Dramatic Presentation: A Critical Analysis of Four Sermons by Wesley A. Swift2005 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Kirkwood, Ann D.ThesisStigmatic Oppression of People with Disabilities: A Three Stage Multidisciplinary Model for Attitude Change2004 NovemberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Ytreeide, Arnold L.ThesisFeature Film as Social Intervention2004 NovemberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Echeverria, DianaThesisPromoting the Basque Country to an American Market2004 MayMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Hegbloom, MariaThesisBringing the Question of Domination to Communication and the Democratic Reconstruction of Society: A Critical Appropriation of Gadamer, Dewey and Habermas2004 MarchEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Widi, William JohnThesisMajor Trends in Communication Theory in Light of Stephen Pepper’s Root Metaphors2004 MarchLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Rose, Kellie A.ThesisIdeologies Implicit in the War on Terrorism: A Rhetorical Analysis of Speeches from Opposing Voices2004 AugustSuzanne McCorkle, Ph.D.
Hudson, Megan RaeThesisDesign and Development of an E-Mentoring Program Literacy as Democratic Action2004 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Larios-Cowmey, Silvia J.ThesisAn Autoethnographic Account of Intercultural Communication: Growing Up Mexican-American in Rural Idaho2004 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Harrison, Kevin R.ThesisThe Tension of Expressiveness: Reading Adorno on Behalf of the Subject2004 AprilEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Gregory, ArtThesis…And That Reminds Me of a Story: How Zamzows Defines It’s Organizational Culture Through Storytelling2003 OctoberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Catt-Oliason, PamThesisAging Definitions Under Construction2003 OctoberMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Winter, MikeThesisCommunication. Meaning, and the Musical Gesture2003 OctoberMary Rohlfing, Ph.D.
Johnson, Ann K.ThesisHabermas, Nietzsche, and West: Critiquing and Complementing Notions of Social Democracy Via Existential Ethics and Aesthetics2003 MarchEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Peterson, Lisa C.ThesisUsama bin Laden-as-enemy: An Interpretive Ideological Criticism of the Process of Enemy Development Witnessed in American Political Cartoons between September 11, 2001, and March 11, 20022003 MarchBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
MeGee-Werner, Michelle A.ThesisSurvivalism in America: A Narrative Analysis of Stories from the World Trade Center Disaster2003 MarchMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Catt-Oliason, JeraldThesisListening with Ricoeur: A Hermeneutic for Listening Theory2003 FebruaryMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Valentine, Gayle AntoinetteThesisBetween the Silences2003 AprilMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Carlo, Joni D.ThesisAgainst the Pursuit of Common Meanings: Toward a Nietzchean Perspective on Communication2002 OctoberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Keller, Angela MarieThesisCaring Connections, From Conventional to Post Conventional Perspectives2002 NovemberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Zhu, HongThesisAchieving Conversion: A Chinese Ethnography of the Boise Chinese Christian Fellowship2002 NovemberRick Moore, Ph.D.
Torrez, EveradoThesisNARCO2002 NovemberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Etter, Jennifer AnneThesisSusan Faludi’s Themes of Contemporary Masculinity as Offered in Stiffed: An Application of Dr. Richard Boyatzis Qualitative Thematic Analysis2002 NovemberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Richards, PeggyThesisAgape Light Ministries: A Communication-as-Community-Building Organization2002 MayBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Edmundson, KimberlyThesisEthnography of Everquest: Fehr’s Four Factor Friendship Formation Model in an Online MMORPG Environment2002 MayBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
DuBois, ReneThesisA Philosophical Critique of Objectifying Conceptions of Learners: The Case of Computerizing Communication and Education2002 MayEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Alzie, Julia WilsonThesisFace-Off: the Facework Experiences of German and American Foreign Exchange Students2002 MayLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Graham, Jezreel J.ThesisArticulation Theory as the Politicization of Communication Theory: Toward a Framework for a Critique of Political Praxis2002 MarchEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Adamson, Melanie BrookThesisThe Subjective Meaning of Rituals in Marriage2002 JulyHeidi Reeder, Ph.D.
Owen, Lauri J.ThesisReasonable and Necessary Force: An Autoethnographic Case Study of a Boise, Idaho Law Enforcement Agency 1990-20002001 AprilMary Rohlfing, Ph.D.
Holler, Brian P.ThesisStorylines in Professional Wrestling: A Pentadic Analysis of the Pay-Per-Views Held by the World Wrestling Federation in 20002001 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Burke, Kimberly DevereuxThesisU.S. Air Force Public Affairs Web Site Template: Towards Two-Way Symmetrical Communication on the Internet2000 NovemberBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Williams, KerenzaThesisToward a Framework of Covert Interaction2000 JulyMary Rohlfing, Ph.D.
Klassen, Melissa R.ThesisHidden Hurdles: Discovering Barriers for Medical Malpractice Mediation2000 JulyLaurel Traynowicz, Ph.D.
Sorensen, Andrea JThesisSubtle Sabotage: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Subversive Managerial Behaviors During Organizational Transformation2000 April Ben L. Parker, Ph.D.
Cross, Love M.ThesisRural High School Student Culture in the Wake of a School Shooting: An Ethnography2000 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Hoess, InesThesisInvesting in the Public Sphere: A Public Service Proposal Based on the Theory of Communicative Action for Mass Communication Research1999 DecemberEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Baird, Linda L.Thesis Transformational Paradigms and Public Participation: Developing New Structures for Public Participation in Agency Decision Making1999 AprilMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Howell, StaceeThesisCreating A Transformational Volunteer Program1999 AprilBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
McClish, Carmen L.ThesisThe Art of Resistance: Postmodern Contributions to a Feminist Perspective on Exploring Differences Among Women’s Movements (an “interpretative reading” of the local feminist zine, Pok. A . Dot)1999 AprilMary Rohlfing, Ph.D.
Drummond-Reeves, SusanThesisHigh Performance Work Systems: An Emancipated and Empowered Approach to Work1998 MayBen L. Parker, Ph.D.
Strong, Janet MaureenThesisParental Use of Intentional Embarrassment1998 JulyMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Wang, YanThesisFoster the Right and Punish the Wrong: A Critical Analysis of a Chinese Investigative Television Program1998 DecemberRick Moore, Ph.D.
Pobst, James HerbertThesisPutting the Public Back into the Public Sphere: ‘Informal Communicative Practices’ as a Community-Centric Idea of Public Communication1998 AugustEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Mohamadzadeh, GissouThesisSuspended in Time: Uncertainty and Change In Organizations1998 AprilMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Ballenger, Nick J.ThesisThe Organization’s Communicatively Developed Context and It’s Influence During Organizational Change1997 JuneMarvin Cox, Ph.D.
Bragg, Christopher GeorgeThesisThe First Amendment and the Ideal Democracy1997 JulyRobert Rudd, Ph.D.
McAlister, Joan FaberThesisContaining the Critical: Media Praxis and the Journal of Communication Inquiry1996 AugustEd McLuskie, Ph.D.
Littlejohns, Lori BaughThesisSenior Managements’ Perceptions of Organizational Stress1994 NovemberMarvin Cox, Ph.D.