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The Department of Communication encourages students to complete internships. Internships provide an opportunity for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom while learning new skills from and being mentored by communication professionals with expertise in a particular area. Students should look for challenging sites and exceptional supervisors.

Read the Internship Guidelines carefully before seeking an internship.

The Fall 2017 deadline is Friday, September 22 to submit the online Internship Verification Form for review.

Internship Information

Students: do not make arrangements with a particular site and/or supervisor until you have submitted an Internship Verification Form and received pre-approval for the internship. 

Students interested in internships must meet particular qualifications to be eligible for internship credit. Additionally, the proposed site and supervisor must be approved by the internship coordinator for their program. Students may register for internship credit under one of two designations: either COMM (for Communication and Media Arts students) or PR (for PR Certificate and PR emphasis students).

The first step in the process is to carefully read the Internship Guidelines for information on internship requirements and the process of registering for an internship. (Students interested in an internship with the Arbiter should also read the Arbiter Guidelines.) Students are strongly encouraged to seek internships that will add to their overall learning experience.

The second step in the process of obtaining an internship is to obtain the required pre-approval from the department. Once the student has carefully read the list of guidelines and is sure that they, the internship, and the internship supervisor meet the basic qualifications, he or she should work with the proposed internship supervisor to complete and submit an Internship Verification Form. After reviewing the form, the internship coordinator will determine eligibility and notify the student.

The internship verification form asks for information about your qualifications, the organization you wish to intern with, the proposed internship supervisor, the internship, and how the internship fits with your educational goals. See the complete list here.

Internship Coordinators
Dr. Rick Moore is the Communication and Media Arts internship coordinator.
Dr. MF Casper is the Public Relations internship coordinator.

Internship Guidelines
Internship Verification Form

Key Fall 2017 Dates:
8/21     First day of regular fall classes
9/1       Deadline to add internship credits if needed for Financial Aid
9/22     Deadline for submitting online Internship Verification form
9/29     Deadline for getting all internship application paperwork officially approved
10/2     Deadline for e-mailing verification that the student has read and understood the syllabus to Coordinator
10/16   Mid-semester evaluations sent out to internship providers and students
10/23   Mid-semester evaluations due from internship providers and students*
10/27   Last day to drop classes with a “W”
12/8     Deadline for receiving evaluations from supervisors and papers from students*

* The Department Internship Coordinator sends evaluation forms to all supervisors. Individual interns bear final responsibility for confirming that the supervisor received the form and ensuring it is submitted by the deadline.

For more information for internship providers, please click on the link below:
Additional information for internship providers