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With a focus on both the theory and practice of communication, our graduate program seeks to developengaged scholars, critical thinkers, and leaders practicing communicative perspectives across a variety of contexts.

Developing Engaged Scholars
Graduate students receive individual mentoring from faculty. Graduate advisors support student development in scholarship, independent research, and writing. Some of our graduates continue their education at top Ph.D. programs across the country.

Inspiring Critical Thinkers
Graduate students explore the ways communication shapes how we come to understand and engage our everyday world. With focused attention to issues of power, difference, and politics, graduate students learn to challenge taken-for- granted ways of knowing and critically examine the complexities of communication, social interaction, and media.

Becoming Communication Practitioners
Graduate students develop as practitioners applying their understanding of communication to engage a variety of contemporary issues. We encourage students to practice communicative perspectives and gain expertise in communication to guide their professional interests, career goals, or life aspirations. Our graduates become engaged communicative practitioners in a wide range of government, non-profit, corporate, and media-related fields.