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The Department of Communication encourages students to complete internships. Internships provide an opportunity for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom while learning new skills from and being mentored by communication professionals with expertise in a particular area. Students should look for challenging sites and exceptional supervisors.

Steps to Apply – These Must Be Done in Order

Step 1

Carefully read the Internship Guidelines for information on internship requirements and the process of registering for an internship. (Students interested in an internship with the Arbiter should also read the Arbiter Guidelines.) You are strongly encouraged to seek internships that will add to your overall learning experience.

Step 2

Obtain the required pre-approval from the department. Once you have carefully read the list of guidelines and are sure that you, the internship, and the internship supervisor meet the basic qualifications, you should work with the proposed internship supervisor to gather the information listed on the Internship Verification Checklist. You will use this information to complete and submit an Internship Verification Form.

  • What you need to complete the Internship Verification Form
    The internship verification form asks for information about your qualifications, the organization you wish to intern with, the proposed internship supervisor, the internship, and how the internship fits with your educational goals. Be sure the information you provide is accurate. Providing an incorrect email address for your internship supervisor will cause delays, and could cost you an opportunity.
  • See the checklist list here.
  • Sample Completed Internship Verification Form.

Step 3

Submit your Internship Verification Form by clicking the button below.

Once your internship verification form has been processed, you will receive an email indicating whether or not the internship meets department requirements and providing you with further instruction.

Step 4

Once you have received notice that your internship has been verified as meeting departmental requirements, you will be instructed to submit an internship application through the Career Center. This triggers an email to the department Internship Coordinator, who verifies that the internship meets department standards, and to the Internship Provider, who verifies that they are offering you the internship. Once the Career Center receives responses from both the Internship Coordinator and the Internship Provider, the internship is sent forward to the Registrar’s office and you are enrolled in the internship.

Click here for additional information for internship providers


9/19: Fall 2018
2/13: Spring 2019

Forms & Guidelines

Internship Guidelines
Verification Checklist
Sample Verification

Internship Coordinators

Dr. Rick Moore
Dr. MF Casper