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The following are excerpts from testimonials we received from recent graduates from our program:

Why did you decide to pursue an M.A. in Communication at Boise State?

  • “I chose the MA in Communication because I see value in understanding how meaning is made through language and interaction in organizations.  This knowledge increases my capacity and effectiveness to make positive change and solve problems.” (Matt M., ‘15)
  • “After graduating with my B.A. I took a semester off before applying to the M.A. program. I knew I wanted to continue at Boise State for my M.A. The faculty in the communication department takes the time to get to know you, differentiate programmatic material for student interest, and foster education in a way that treats students like partners in learning.” (Amanda S., ‘14)
  • “I moved to Boise and began full-time employment with local advertising agency where I worked for almost two years before deciding to return to school to pursue a graduate degree…The MA in Communication seemed to align with my professional goals…I also appreciated the approach to the study of communication offered by the courses.” (Megan B., ‘14)
  • “During my time as a student-athlete I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication… due to unfortunate injuries (or now happy circumstance), I found myself with two additional years of eligibility. I decided to pursue a M.A. in Communication, which was undoubtedly the best academic decision I’ve ever made. (Kinzi P., ‘15)

What was the best thing about studying Communication at Boise State?

  • “My experience within the program was just what someone should expect from graduate level study; enlightening and challenging. Expanding your understanding of the world through various communicative perspectives is a self-immersing process. A process that was satisfying when the light bulb slowly began to come on. One of the strengths of the program, in my opinion, was being blessed with a team of knowledgeable professors with caring personalities to complement their respective teaching styles. My thought processes were continually challenged while being supported and encouraged by all.” (Marlon D., ‘12)
  • “One of the best things about studying Communication at Boise State is the renowned faculty and in particular my advisor. Her brilliance and passion for communication is incomparable. She encouraged me to engage with the world critically, challenged me to become a more articular surveyor of communication scholarship and helped me to develop a thoughtful and provocative thesis.” (Kinzi P., ‘15)
  • “A high point of the program is the level of interaction between students and professors. Faculty are very supportive and accessible; the diverse backgrounds of my fellow students contributed to rich discussion, which demonstrated how Communication theory plays out in real life.  Additionally, faculty was effective in demonstrating how communication studies equip us to ‘complicate’, or challenge an argument or perspective.  This practice has been invaluable to me.” (Matt M., ‘15)
  • “One of the best things about the BSU Communication Department is the encouragement of open dialogue. In class, everyone was encouraged and invited to share their opinion and talk about real world issues.” (Shannon J., ‘15)

What is something about your graduate experience that you remember most?

  • “Graduate school allows you to learn the reasons behind the skills, and how to come up with new skills that can change lives, including your own.  The contribution I provide to interpersonal relationships, team dynamics, and communication initiatives in my workplace and personal life has improved drastically since spending time in the graduate program in Communication at Boise State.” (Josh S., ‘15)
  • “My big take-away from the program is understanding how to effectively question and complicate taken for granted assumptions about individuals, relationships and organizations.  I carry this idea with me every day.  I frequently come across situations that would be great thesis projects- the program sparked a broader range of curiosity and interest in human behavior and interaction.” (Matt M., ‘15)
  • “I really enjoyed my time as a graduate student, my cohort became (and remained) my close friends, my ideas and perspectives were expanded in ways I never expected, my classes were challenging and rewarding” (Amanda S., ‘14)

How did you develop as scholar, critical thinker, or communication practitioner?

  • “The tools that I have been equipped have allowed me to view the world in a different way. A way that permits the emergence of multiple truths to navigate through various world views and critically analyze different scenarios.” (Marlon D., ‘12)
  • “The MA experience broadened my ability to ask the right questions and helped me grow through humility, questioning, approaching a situation from counter-intuitive theoretical perspectives and being pressed by faculty and students to explain my position.  This experience ignited a thirst for expanding my network of peers- especially those who approach the world differently than I.  From a practical perspective, I am also a much better writer now than when I started the program.” (Matt M., ‘15)
  • “Learning more about the field of communication and the different perspectives of thought that guide how we think, act, and talk is something that I use in my daily life. The ways in which communication organizes individuals is a huge part of both my personal and professional lives. (Amanda S., ‘14)
  • “The opportunity to examine the role communication in a wide variety of settings (organizational, interpersonal, in the media) and through a range of theoretical lenses greatly increased my ability to think critically and articulate an evidence-supported perspective. The opportunity to lead in-class discussions around complex and often abstract topics sharpened my capacity for relationship building among diverse perspectives, something I find that crucial for success in higher education.” (Megan B., ‘14)
  • “I learned and developed critical thinking skills in the MA program. I learned how to ask the right questions and I developed an awareness to help analyze aspects that are often taken for granted. (Shannon J., ‘15)

How did earning an M.A. in Communication contribute to your current success?

  • “Without my MA in Communication from Boise State, I wouldn’t be where I am professionally. I am currently Public Relations and Digital Communications Manager for a system of hospitals, clinics, and providers that stretches from Boise, Idaho to Baker City, Oregon.  In my current role, I provide communications leadership for all facilities and individuals within our system, including media and community relations, messaging, crisis communication, administrative communication, recruitment and retention communications, digital communications, and more.” (Josh S., ‘15)
  • “I served as the Director of Communication and Development for a private elementary school and recently accepted a position as the Director of Development for a non-profit… My M.A. in Communication has given me the tools to take what I’ve learned in the M.A. program and apply it to life after BSU in the professional sphere and beyond.” (Amanda S., ‘14)
  • “My MA assisted me in landing employment within the workforce. Currently, I am a Director of Business Development for a local hospice and home health agency within the city of Pueblo. My primary job duties include establishing, building, and maintaining working relationships to serve mutual clients within our community. Gaining knowledge from the graduate program has been applicable in understanding various personalities in the workforce and life in general while utilizing the best communicative measures to gel with different persons ultimately creating a productive work environment.” (Marlon D., ‘12)
  • “The MA in Communication program at Boise State University afforded me the opportunity to grow both my professional and academic skillsets in a setting that encouraged intellectual growth and risk-taking. The program helped me transition into full-time employment in a higher education setting, and it has certainly helped contribute to my continued success as a student affairs practitioner devoted to improving our student’s success!” (Megan B., ‘14)
  • “Currently, I am a professional writer at a global healthcare technology company in the Denver, CO area. I work in the Engineering department to develop product information for surgical navigation systems for surgeons and medical professionals. My MA in Communication at BSU contributes to my problem-solving solving skills and raising important issues in my current role. The team I work with is constantly trying to improve our processes to deliver quality products for patients. (Shannon J., ‘15)